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Winning New Business

The New, New Business Mandate

The Pitch. Think of it as the first phase of what can be a dynamic, lucrative collaboration between you and a prospective client. Can you tap into your creativity and knowledge to meet the client's expectations? Can you go beyond pitching to compel the client to sign on? Move beyond selling yourself and your skill set to building a client-centered, content-driven framework that will support an ongoing, successful relationship.

This program will give you these tools:
  • An understanding of your intangible strengths and the client's unstated needs
  • The ability to generate collaborative energy between you and your prospective client, so that during the pitch, you have already begun working together
  • The skill to create a client-centered environment of responsiveness and decision-making
  • The capability to design and direct a new business presentation using dynamic visual aids and targeted message delivery techniques
  • The focus to pace the pitch of the presentation
  • The power to forge an alliance with a client and to guide that client toward decision-making
This program addresses capabilities presentations as well as specific new business pitches. In addition, this program will:
  • Leverage company strengths to target prospects
  • Analyze current new business processes
  • Focus your capabilities to strengthen credentials presentations
  • Read between the lines of an RFP to determine what a client really wants
  • Improve your ability to interact with clients, not just react

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Winning New Business
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