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Training for Superior Performance

t. bresner associates offers executive communication skills training. These programs have demonstrated immediate results that you can measure:

  • A high-level Hershey’s executive gets promoted after just 5 sessions

  • A well-known hedge fund manager receives a standing ovation at a Goldman Sachs conference, walking away with two new pieces of business

  • The new business team at an advertising agency increases their wins by 50%

  • The executive team at an international retailer had a record breaking IPO selling $5.00 above the expected range

  • The CEO of a top insurance company receives accolades from his board of directors

  • A top Reinsurer won 11 new accounts over the last 6 months, increasing revenues by over $30M

We craft specific, targeted workshops and individual programs only after we have fully determined your specific needs and goals---both interim and long-range. Before training begins, we partner with you to establish objectives, behaviors, outcomes and metrics for long-term success.

In one-on-one intensive sessions or in groups, t. bresner associates conducts lively, engaging, participatory programs that offer you support and techniques that will deliver success for a designated project, upcoming event or ongoing strategic corporate initiatives.

Our mission is clear...enhance the messaging and communication skills of executives...with immediate results you can measure.

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