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The Street-Smart Road Show

The Street-Smart Road Show
Crafting Your Corporate Story for the Investment Community

Suddenly the stakes are much, much higher. No turnaround, merger, acquisition or bottom-line goal has been as mission-critical. No presentation, speech or new business pitch quite qualifies as "experience" that will prepare you for communicating the message of your company to the Street. No audience will expect more. t. bresner associates helps you conceive, visualize and present the most clear and compelling story possible.

t. bresner associates energizes your brand with clear and compelling messaging tailored for all of your audiences. We excel at identifying, clarifying and simplifying your messages to the media, investment community, employees and customers..WE GIVE VOICE TO VISION!

  • Identification and expression of the company's strategic position
  • Messaging which clearly articulates the company's competitive advantage and the reasons to invest
  • A highly graphic, interactive multimedia presentation that vividly captures your company's unique character and commands attention
  • Highly personalized presentation scripting and coaching, with additional focus on creating a team dynamic that inspires commitment

The process is intense, but yields substantive results quickly.

Session 1:
A full day devoted to content development and consensus on positioning, market opportunity, presentation strategies, the competition, and the financial picture. We begin exploring the visual images that will enhance the corporate narrative. The session is geared to key company executives who bring perspective and focus to the corporate story.

Session 2:
Half day session, in person or via conference call. Initial review of overall graphics concept, visual treatments, and majority of content. Edits and changes approved by key players. The goal is initial approval of content and a cohesive design concept for the presentation.

Session 3:
Full day. The key players review and edit the next draft. Scripting and presentation delivery training both begin.

Session 4:
Full day. Final changes to visuals of presentation. Delivery training is intensified and refined, along with script revisions and fine-tuning of messages. Q&A review, re-review.

Session 5:
Half day session. Roll-out of full presentation with visuals, final coaching and refining of messages.

The identity / messaging, multimedia presentation and training are provided as a package or can be utilized as separate programs.

Measurable Results


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