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Media Preparation

Control the Message

You have a new product to launch. You must manage a crisis with authority. You have critical corporate financial news to deliver. There's been a merger or an acquisition. You are obligated to explain downsizing. The questions are direct and on-target, so every word counts, every gesture matters. You must be concise and you must maximize impact.

Media interviews can be intense, stressful situations, and often wind up with those deadly "sound bytes" transmitting a message you never intended to give. You can build a productive relationship with the media. You can keep your company's news interesting without leaving your corporate image vulnerable.

This workshop will give you these tools:
  • Ability to plan and prepare for a successful interview, including defining and organizing key themes
  • Authority to deliver the corporate message with impact
  • Control to handle sensitive questions so that your objectives are met
  • The skill to create sound bytes that promote your message
  • Confidence to craft an on-camera, radio or telephone presence, and stick to it despite curveballs
  • Confidence to develop and build on your personal style, and present an image that works in the media

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