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Measurable Results

Media Preparation
Delivering Powerful Messages

The executive team at an established children’s media company was preparing to launch a new DVD with collateral material. This effort was drawing widespread scrutiny and attention because of its target audience: infants under two years of age. Compounding this challenge was a spirited public debate, backed by research, on the negative effects of television on the very young.

Working collaboratively, we identified core messages and developed talking points that spoke to the benefits and advantages of their offering. We also sharpened their delivery skills and media presence for a very successful DVD launch.

Media Preparation

One-On-One Executive Communications Training
Comfort, Confidence and Control with Every Audience, Every Time

The CEO of a global financial services company was challenged by the need to communicate effectively with his board of directors, the media, direct reports, the investment community and business partners. Specifically he needed to develop a flexible style that addressed the nuances of each audience.

We conducted 360 degree interviews with all constituencies to determine areas of strengths and areas for improvement. A customized plan with specific objectives and metrics for success was developed and executed over a four month period of time.

  • Three-fold increase in the number of quotes from the media
  • The board unanimously passed the CEO’s plan for restructuring
  • The company successfully completed an IPO with pricing well above the expected range
  • A great improvement in productivity from his direct reports

Communications Training

Immediate Measurable Impact on Winning New Business

A leading Denver based marketing agency wanted to implement best practice improvements in their new business process. Specifically, they wanted to improve their skills in prospecting, building brand awareness and presenting to increase revenues, profitability and reduce turnover.

We reorganized their new business process, developed stringent criteria for selecting prospects, identified their prospect list for 2006 and trained their new business team to develop an interactive dialogue during their capabilities presentations to move them to the short list. Finally, we improved each individual’s presentation skills and enhanced team chemistry.

Results…increased new business revenues by 40% over six months

Winning New Business

Investor Road Show

An international retailer was going public and needed to increase investor interest and commitment. We worked with the executive team to create key investment highlights that resonated with the financial community in order to create and sustain interest and demand for its stock.

We revamped the core messages of the road show presentation, crafted concise answers to very difficult questions, and enhanced the presentation skills of each executive.

Result…IPO priced $5.00 above the expected range, which the CEO credited to our work together

Street-Smart Road Show


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