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One-On-One Executive Communication Skills Training

You have diverse audiences with differing, critical needs, including the board, the financial community, the media, your employees, strategic partners.

You want to be comfortable, confident and in control with every audience, every time.

This one-on-one intensive communication skills program for high performing executives provides the following tools:
  • A truly revealing, close-up look at your current communications style
  • The ability to project the personal and appropriate image that is most effective
  • A deep understanding of the expectations of each of your constituencies…and the know-how to tailor your message
  • The creative skill to develop and tell stories that move, delight and intrigue listeners
  • An organizing tool to develop a concise message for prepared and impromptu remarks…and the confidence to speak without notes
  • The ability to keep difficult issues and questions under control

Measurable Results

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