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Building Your Brand

t. bresner associates adds depth, personality and resiliency to emerging and existing brands by uncovering and sharpening your competitive positioning, creating strategic message pillars and developing your brand personality.

Our approach to the brand-building process examines your category dynamics, industry drivers for growth, the critical challenges and opportunities facing your company, your relationships with your key constituents, your communication objectives and your competitive landscape.

We also perform a brand audit, during which we interview your executives and key sales staff, customers and partners to understand how they assess your current position and brand character in the market. The audit is often the most useful at uncovering insightful and colorful information about how your stakeholders use your services and view your brand personality.

This intensive information-gathering process culminates in a Messaging Workshop with your key executives. This is a collaborative process in which you evaluate your branding goals for your company, as well as set the agenda and tone for future activity. Together, we round out your brand personality, filling in characteristics and qualities where they are missing or aligning others that may be conflicting with your intended positioning. We develop an over-arching Brand Differentiator document that includes a positioning statement, key themes and supporting messages, and a brand personality inventory for all of your marketing communications.


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