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Media Preparation for Athletes

Distinctive Presence for Professional Athletes

Impressions are instantaneous. You have a moment to “bring to life” on the spot coverage and commentary. Representing yourself, your team, and your league or association professionally, and with a distinctive personal style, is a “must-have” skill sought by both league and athletes today.

Our individual training and coaching will develop and enhance these skills:
  • The development of a personal delivery style with specific attention to voice projection, diction and grammar
  • The ability to develop a relaxed, extemporaneous, and audience sensitive communication style
  • The confidence to handle questions with comfort and control
  • Visualizing and projecting to a viewer “one-on-one” rather than to a camera
  • The presence to represent the Association at the highest level of professionalism and integrity

Our program is tailored to each individual, in consultation with the league. We make extensive use of videotaped role-playing to accelerate learning and the development of style.

More specifically, our training segments include:

  • Identifying communication strengths and challenges
  • Organizing core association and personal messages
  • Understanding your audience to establish rapport
  • Creating a personal delivery style that commands attention
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Media Preparation for Athletes



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